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   Emerging mission critical wireless applications


The landscape of enterprise wireless applications mandates predictable network performance. The road ahead will fuse traditional mobile computing products such as laptops, mobile handsets/PDAs, & MDTs with cutting edge sensors and embedded wireless platforms. This landscape is further complicated by convergent networks which incorporate voice, video, and other rich media applications.


The Proximetry Enterprise Management Platform is architected from its foundation to manage this diversity in the most demanding enterprise wireless applications and settings. The Proximetry toolset is designed to ease the complexity and deployment issues typically found in settings such as healthcare, retail, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense/military applications. The platform is supported by open APIs and toolkits which allow our clients to tightly integrate the management tools with custom devices and applications. All Proximetry products are developed with strict adherence to industry standards with performance driven by a "carrier class" mentality.


Emerging network products surrounding 802.11, 802.16, and 802.15.4 will open tremendous opportunities for enterprise adoption of mobile computing technologies. Enhancements to these standards are leading to wireless access products with the potential for greater precision, range, and throughput. Proximetry is committed to leveraging these enhancements and providing the essential tools to manage the complexity.


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