Atmel Cloud

Atmel Cloud fast tracks time to market for IoT developers.

Atmel Cloud, powered by Proximetry, is a powerful resource available to IoT solution vendors for initial deployment and testing of their applications and devices. Atmel Cloud provides developers with a comprehensive suite of device, network and data management services tailored for an wider variety of embedded device configurations. IoT solution developers can access Atmel Cloud via a web browser in order to quickly deploy these powerful device, network and data management services instantly.


3 Simple Steps to Manage All Your Devices

Discover and register your devices in any of the 3 ways:

  • Configure devices to use your unique device activation code
  • Import devices from an XLS file
  • Scan device sticker using our mobile application

Once your devices are up and running, Atmel Cloud provides comprehensive, real-time information about the devices.

You will be able to configure, monitor and upgrade your devices at any time.

Create your account and start managing your devices