Use Cases

Lighting Solutions

Proximetry software enables energy savings by dimming, measuring consumption, and setting up rules for specialized lighting solutions. The Proximetry solution is built upon Freescale Kinetis W series MCUs with integrated wireless transceivers.


Proximetry ensures comprehensive management of rail communications infrastructure – from rail telemetry, to embedded on-board sensors. Proximetry software provides integrated dashboard with real-time view of networked devices.

Automobile Charging Stations

Proximetry manages the connectivity between the on-board wireless gateways based on Freescale i.MX 6 processors for infotainment and telematics. Enable connectivity and “sync’ing” of content while the car is re-charged at charging stations. Content can be securely transferred to appropriate applications.

Building Management Systems

Proximetry’s sophisticated visualization “dashboard” provides a view into disparate networks in the building management system. The Proximetry Portal integration enables data capture and device management necessary for implementing comprehensive energy management within the buildings.

Home Automation and Safety

Proximetry applications on Freescale Kinetis MCUs enable home automation and safety solution vendors to provide comprehensive remote monitoring and management of a variety of smart devices within the home.

Smart Cities & Utilities

Proximetry’s rule based software integrated with municipal lighting, metering, and SCADA solutions enable cities to drastically reduce cost by (e.g., by dimming of street lights on an automated schedule). By offering services to other utility networks, cities and utilities can recover the capital investments from their smart grid investment much faster.

Pipeline Safety

Proximetry’s smart data caching features implemented on local sensor gateways can enable low latency responses to monitoring of sensor events within the pipeline infrastructure. In addition, locally cached data can be processed and archived appropriately to meet the regulatory &compliance requirements. “Smart” archiving periodically via low cost Wi-Fi or mesh networks can provide savings versus costly cellular or satellite services.

Energy Monitoring

Proximetry’s taxonomy aware configuration and firmware management algorithms are well suited for large-scale mesh networks. The solution is sensitive to the constrained bandwidth and high latency associated with smart energy networks and enables painless firmware distribution and configuration updates.

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