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Munich Venture Partners
Munich Venture Partners is an independent Venture Capital firm located in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2005 by a group of Senior Executives of large international corporations and seasoned Venture Capital professionals, they focus on VC investments into high-tech startups in all stages of their development. As the prime VC partner of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, they have the most detailed insight into the Fraunhofer research and technology universe. Their tight cooperation with this research power-house is the foundation for a significant and long-term sustainable competitive advantage for the Munich Venture Partners Fund. For more information, visit

Rembrandt Venture Partners
Rembrandt Venture Partners (RVP) was established as a formal venture fund in 2003 to provide private equity capital to early stage technology companies. The firm is focused on actively managing the portfolio's risk, duration and liquidity and dynamically pursuing investments in a variety of sectors including enterprise software and services, Internet infrastructure, communications equipment, next generation wireless sectors and new media convergence companies. For more information, visit



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