Creating Intelligent Wireless Networks


AirSync contains three integrated modules (Provisioning Manager, Resource Manager, Device Manager) that deliver assured service levels and support the QoS demanded by carriers, municipalities and network users – all while meeting the scaling and interoperability requirements expected from carrier-class solutions.

Provisioning Manager
The Provisioning Manager allows network operators to create custom sets of service level rules that are then applied to applications, users and devices. Both the Device Manager and Resource Manager leverage this intelligent, context-based, rules engine to provide predictable network performance and assured service levels. The Provisioning Manager has four components:

  • Import Wizard - uploads and synchronizes users from external systems so they can be dynamically managed based on role association with devices and services.
  • Service Optimizer - associates optimization algorithms for each service type (VoIP, video, data and telemetry) and permits modification of each flow based on role priority and bandwidth variables.
  • Role Definer - allows definition of conditional rules associated with service levels and priorities that are assigned to groups of users, devices and applications based on roles.
  • Group Manager - associates appropriate roles with groups of users and devices so that network policies can be easily instituted and modified dynamically by external events.

Resource Manager
The Resource Manager monitors network conditions and invokes the service level rules established in the Provisioning Manager to dynamically configure both network and client devices in real-time. This enables uninterrupted response to the changing demands of users and devices.

  • Network Detector - constantly tracks the network, identifying threats to service levels, anticipating changing requirements, and modifying network configurations in real-time based on input from external systems. This creates a closed loop feedback cycle from network devices to ensure that the service levels mandated by the Provisioning Manager are implemented.
  • Packet Classifier - recognizes which packets are associated with which service flows and users, and schedules these packets according to the assigned roles. Based on network conditions and external triggers, this dynamic, packet-level management delivers predictable performance across network applications.
  • Policy Enforcer - invokes optimization algorithms for each service type (VoIP, video, data and telemetry) and modifies each flow based on the role priority and bandwidth variables set in the Service Optimizer.
  • Network Configurator - implements network policies based on input from the Provisioning Manager at the packet, MAC and PHY layers, allocating network resources to ensure optimal throughput of service flows for priority applications and users.

Device Manager
The Device Manager remotely controls the embedded software images, applications and configuration of both network devices and wireless client devices such as laptops, handhelds/PDA, phones, video assets, and remote sensors. Network profiles and policies are transparently communicated from the Resource Manager to the devices. This enables the Device Manager to dynamically change device parameters on real-time, quickly instituting changes in network performance.

  • AirSync Agent - resides on the access point or base station and is responsible for implementing changes in the IP, MAC and PHY settings of the network device. The agent also controls firmware updates, transferred by the Maintenance Updater, to both network and client devices.
  • Session Manager - initiates each user session or device identification and associates appropriate levels of network resource allocation for each application and device associated with a specific user. The Session Manager also triggers conditional access systems and the distribution of relevant network policies to the local wireless device.
  • Multimedia Control Extender (MCX) - tags data packets at the application level on the client device to enable granular control of service flows. It also extends network control to the client device radio to ensure that network policies monitored and configured by the resource manager are implemented to the edge of the network.
  • Maintenance Updater - automatically feeds updates, patches, and version upgrades for network and client devices to the AirSync Agent.

The Device Manager consists of a flexible agent that can be modified with the AirSync Agent SDK to the most popular wireless network platforms.



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