Creating Intelligent Wireless Networks


AirSync architecture encompasses the following key elements:

Architecture Elements

These key elements are built based upon industry accepted standards specified for various management views.

NGN OSS Management Views (ETSI TS 188 001)

Business Requirements View addresses NGN OSS management views. AirSync's business requirements architecture elements conform to the following standards:

  • OSS Vision, ETSI TR 188 004
  • eTOM Business Process Framework (TMF GB921 series; ITU-T Recommendation M.3050 series)
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)operational processes and best practices
  • OSS Requirements and Priorities, ETSI TS 188 003
  • OSS Services Release 1, ETSI TS 188 002

Functional/Information View describes the components, functions and information needed to fulfill the business requirements. AirSync's functional and information architecture elements conform to the following standards:

  • The OASIS Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), including the import of non-SOA-based or "legacy" standards from 3GPP, TMF or other organizations
  • The 3GPP Integration Reference Point (IRP) (future)
  • Applicable concepts of ITU-T
  • Applicable concepts of TMF MTNM/MTOSI/IPNM
  • Applicable IETF RFCs

Implementation View is the technological transformation of the functional and information requirements, constrained by specific deployment requirements, such as cost, legacy support, performance and scalability. AirSync is implemented using the following technologies:

  • SOA technology implementations, such as, but not limited to, OSS/J Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Java Messaging Services (JMS), Web Services using XML/SOAP/WDSL, MTOSI JMS v1 and MTOSI v2 HTTP/S (which is SOA WSDL based)
  • TMF Solution Sets and ITU-T interface specification as needed
  • IETF RFCs for both legacy (e.g. SNMP) and emerging (e.g. CAPWAP, NETCONF) management protocols
  • Carrier Grade Open Environment (CGOE) reference model defined by ITU-T's Open Communications Architecture Forum ("OCAF") Focus Group

Architecture Benefits

  • Centralized - network operators can monitor, configure and control network and service resources from a remote centralized location
  • Scalable - with minimum configuration and time, scale to a large number of concurrent users, client devices and service flows, enabling management of many events, performance metrics and SLAs
  • Reliable - meets telecommunication reliability standards when deployed on NEBS compliant platforms
  • Modular - structure allows for easy customization and configuration to incorporate alternative functionality and specific requirements of vertical markets
  • Compliant - open and compliant with industry network management standards defined by ITU-T, IETF and TM Forum
  • Diverse - supports a variety of wireless hardware devices from multiple vendors, allowing system design flexibility and heterogeneous management
  • Flexible - wireless platform agnostic and follows evolving and new wireless technologies, based on both IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 standards
  • Integrated - uses standard interfaces and APIs for easy integration with legacy systems and other network management solutions

Sample Configuration

AirSync deployment topologies are flexible and may take several forms. Below is an example of a fixed network with the platform co-located at the base station. A backhaul link to a dual radio Access Point may be either 802.11a (WiFi) or 802.16 (WiMAX). The next link to the client device is typically 802.11b as that is the prevailing COTS standard for mobile clients. AirSync Agent resides on both the base station and the dual radio link units. The client devices may be provisioned with Multimedia Control Extender (MCX) if end-to-end coverage is desired, or packet classification and network detector can provision traffic management for devices without MCX control for many service types.



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