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Proximetry's GateSync is the 21st century answer to commercial airlines' increasing need to update on board information and entertainment each time they land at an airport. Using broadband wireless links for greater efficiency and accuracy over existing methods, GateSync ensures that all planes have the proper movies, news, location appropriate advertisements, and even chart, navigation, and other operational information at all times.

GateSync is a software and hardware platform that enables large amounts of data and content to be transferred to and from an aircraft while it is on the ground. Actively managing each individual data stream for each airplane with priorities for both information type and airplane, GateSync combines operational intelligence with real time traffic issues and airplane schedules to ensure that the proper information gets sent to the proper aircraft in time for takeoff. And whether it is VoIP communications or high priority surveillance camera video, GateSync has the intelligence to manage it.



Using WiMAX technology for optimized bandwidth and airport-wide coverage, GateSync manages the network while shaping and prioritizing traffic so important content goes through regardless of network load.

Each content stream is prioritized based on preassigned static priorities for each content type and then dynamically changed based on real time inputs such as expected aircraft departure times to ensure the most important content is transferred before takeoff. This dynamic content prioritization also accounts for the changing link quality for each transmission and various other conditions that might impact network performance.



Ultimately, GateSync will employ cross loading to allow content to be exchanged between aircraft on a peer-to-peer basis. This capability will improve the efficiency of content download while freeing up network resources from the GateSync. Cross-loading also enables information downloads at airports that have yet to deploy the GateSync solution.



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