Family of Applications

AirSync 5 is Proximetry's integrated device management platform that caters to the needs of performance critical embedded computing devices. Designed to address networks' extensibility, the AirSync family of applications is built to scale to enable tens of millions of device. The platform addresses communication requirements of heavy industrial settings. AirSync 5 is unique in its ability to manage the most "critical things" in this new world of the Internet of Things ("IoT").

AirSync 5 is based on a philosophy of exception-based device & configuration management where traditional management tools utilize "heavy" protocols, or individual standalone tools, scripts, and report engines, to accomplish the same functions as AirSync's family of applications. Through this integrated and "exception-based" approach, AirSync 5 addresses the specialized requirements of deeply embedded devices such as low-power microcontrollers, sensors, and meters, while also scaling to support high-performance wireless devices and gateways with minimal traffic load on the network. AirSync is the industry's only comprehensive policy-based management platform providing closed-loop control of any device, dynamic control of any network protocol and technology across multiple vendor specific implementations.

AirSync 5 provides the essential tools for smart utility, public safety, industrial process control and transportation organizations to provision and manage complex, business-critical wireless networks and "networks of networks" that are made up of multiple networks, frequencies and protocols.

  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Resource selection and modification
  • Centralized scheduling
  • Greater throughput efficiencies

In dynamic operating environments where unpredictable end-user experience cannot be tolerated, AirSync 5 is the antithesis of " network neutrality."