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General availability of AirSync version 1.4

SAN DIEGO, CA - March 20, 2007 - Proximetry Inc., a leading provider of wireless performance management solutions for WMANs and WLANs, today announced general availability of AirSync version 1.4. AirSync is the industry's only solution specifically designed to address network performance challenges inherent in dealing with highly distributed multi-protocol wireless networks. Proximetry's early customers are using the valuable insight gained from the technology to configure and optimize network resources to deliver carrier-class quality-of-service in today's complex wireless networks.

With AirSync, network operators, public safety, energy and transportation organizations can operate high-capacity, high-coverage performance critical wireless networks. AirSync leverages all untapped network resource controls and couples them with triggers from external systems to maximize performance. Regardless of how complex and dynamic these networks might be, AirSync, rapidly reshapes network resources to meet the demands of service flows (VoIP, video, data and telemetry), for high-priority applications, users and mobile devices.

Dynamic configuration of network resources and assured bandwidth allocation are essential ingredients for wireless networks that are continuously impacted by demanding traffic patterns and external environmental factors. AirSync's deployment flexibility and operational simplicity is enabled by its advanced architecture features such as auto-discovery, self-configuration and service class optimization. These features assure throughput, spectral efficiency, network capacity and reliability across multiple wireless topologies.

  • Bandwidth optimization - strict service level monitoring inspects and schedules packet flows according to predefined rules and assigned roles; allocating bandwidth based on changing priorities.
  • Resource allocation - detect network performance degradation and dynamically configure access point and/or base station parameters in real-time to accommodate priority service levels for mission critical applications and users.
  • Throughput efficiency - intelligent scheduling to ensure predictable and timely access, along with optimization of network infrastructure is key to delivering predictable and efficient performance in dynamic wireless networks.

"Proximetry provides the ability to monitor, predict, control, and optimize the full continuum of an organization's wireless network resources, and automatically perform meaningful network configuration and resource allocation," said Tracy Trent, chief executive officer of Proximetry. "By deploying AirSync you are assured optimal performance, scalability, and reliability you expect from network solutions."

About Proximetry
Proximetry provides wireless performance management solutions, for highly distributed, performance critical, multi-protocol wireless networks. Proximetry's software solution, AirSync, enables network operators, public safety, energy and transportation organizations to provision and manage performance critical wireless networks. The AirSync platform is powered by patent-pending technology to ensure proper management of devices, users, and applications. AirSync allows dynamic control over wireless network traffic, including real-time bandwidth optimization for VoIP, video, and telemetry. Proximetry is a privately held company, headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Poland. For more information about Proximetry, visit www.proximetry.com

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