Proximetry Announces Availability of Release 2.0 of Breakthrough AirSync Software

Supporting ‘Closed-Loop’ Operation and Web Services Interfaces Enables Simpler, Automated Provisioning and Control of Advanced Services over WiFi, WiMAX & Hybrid Networks

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWeb) – September 27, 2007 Proximetry Inc., the technology leader in real-time network and performance management solutions for wireless networks, today announced the availability of Release 2.0 of its breakthrough AirSync software. Supporting ‘closed-loop’ operation and Web Services, the new release means that network operators can now simplify and automate provisioning and control of advanced services over their Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and hybrid networks.

"We have achieved another major milestone in ensuring QoS across multivendor, multiprotocol wireless networks," said Tracy Trent, Proximetry’s CEO. "Our version 2.0 release makes it even easier for network operators to automate their operations and offer end users the advanced services they demand. As we have already seen with municipalities, market demand today is for business class and Managed Services over wireless, and AirSync provides the network intelligence to fulfill those requirements."

Proximetry’s AirSync continually monitors and optimizes all wireless connections in the network to enable maximum throughput, services, and end user satisfaction. This approach of active monitoring, and real-time adjustments, assures that appropriate service levels are always met for all users. The result is a wireless network with the performance, scalability, and reliability typically found in carrier-class wireline networks.

AirSync’s intelligent provisioning aligns network resources to user and device priorities, makes dynamic bandwidth allocations to meet changing user demands, and uses predictive routing and resource configuration to maximize throughput. Dynamic configuration of network resources and assured bandwidth allocation are essential ingredients in delivering quality-of-service in today's increasingly complex wireless networks.

About Proximetry
Proximetry provides real-time network and performance management solutions for wireless networks to enable operators to visualize, provision, and optimally manage their networks. AirSync, the company’s carrier-class software, gives municipal, public safety, energy, transportation, and enterprise network operators as well as carriers and other service providers the ability to dynamically monitor and manage multivendor, multifrequency, multiprotocol traffic, devices, users, applications and services. Powered by patent-pending technology, AirSync offers network-wide visualization and control from a single system to ensure reliable and predictable wireless network performance. Founded in January 2005, Proximetry is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit

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