Creating Intelligent Wireless Networks

Network Operators

Cities around the world are partnering with network operators to deploy city-wide WiMAX and WiFi networks to serve internal operations, improve public safety, monitor and maintain city assets and traffic, and encourage economic development by providing reliable basic services throughout the city. City-wide wireless networks offer an easy and affordable way to deliver data, voice and video to diverse groups of users given that they greatly reduce the need and cost to trench fiber optic cable. Also the advent of WiMAX and WiFi networks has helped bridge the gap in delivering services to suburban and rural areas.

Deploying these networks and making them work together seamlessly is still a challenge, however, especially as the user base and network expand. In short, network operators need a performance management solution to assure service levels across their WiFi and WiMAX technologies, optimize bandwidth allocations to various users and applications, and to enable mission critical communications. These challenges also include management of to the growing variety of multimode CPEs and end user terminals to ensure seamless user experience and end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) in the network.

AirSync supports multivendor, multifrequency, multiprotocol wireless networks and their network management functions to provide the dynamic configuration of network resources and bandwidth allocation essential to delivering QoS in today's complex city-wide networks. Since these networks are continuously affected by environmental factors including interference, performance of the network minute by minute can be greatly affected. AirSync’s active and dynamic network management and control over network services, applications, users, and devices, makes the wireless network operate at maximum efficiency while ensuring the necessary throughput for mission critical communications.


  • Intelligent provisioning to ensure priority users and devices get assured performance
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation and predictive routing to maximize network throughput
  • Optimization tools to improve voice and video performance on multimode networks
  • Multivendor, multifrequency, multiprotocol networks controlled from a central location
  • Ability to monitor and control network performance on an end-to-end basis
  • Integrate with existing management infrastructure, systems, and applications
  • Leverage and extend network investments



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