Creating Intelligent Wireless Networks


Meeting the computing and communications needs in today's transportation venues has become quite challenging. Enhancing security infrastructure through improved voice, video, and mobile data services is a top priority. Providing vendors (i.e. airlines) and transportation personnel with a flexible communications backbone which enables new business models or operating efficiencies is essential. Introducing mobile computing and other wireless services to meet changing business requirements such as RFID gateways, infrastructure monitoring, or enhanced surveillance devices can add up to quite a daunting network engineering task. The new breed of wireless technologies such as WLANs (IEEE 802.11) and WMANs (IEEE 802.16) can provide the answer, if properly harnessed.

A robust communications infrastructure is a mandate in performance critical venues such as airports, rail stations, and other transportation settings. The users in these environments must have predictable and reliable performance for key applications. Priorities and performance considerations for these applications may change based upon a wide variety of operational scenarios facing transportation facility managers. Since September 11th the pressure on these networks has significantly increased with increased focus on homeland security and "smart border" initiatives.

Proximetry and its systems integrator partners have focused on providing robust wireless solutions to meet these needs. Our wireless performance management software, AirSync, is tuned to address the demanding applications in transportation venues. Through the introduction of AirSync, airports, rail stations, ports, and other transportation settings, can now look at advanced wireless applications with the assurance that performance needs can be met when and where necessary.

AirSync for Transportation focuses on transportation specific applications, use cases, device mix, and priorities. AirSync functionality allows wireless networks to dynamically adjust WLAN/WMAN network resources to meet bandwidth, quality-of-service, and other performance issues in complex, city-wide, network settings.

These networks are continuously impacted by external environmental factors, and AirSync provides a mechanism for swiftly detecting and adjusting user priorities and network resource configurations as necessary. With this emphasis, priority can always be assured for surveillance and other "security centric" users and resources to ensure passenger and venue security.


  • Intelligent provisioning ensures priority users and devices get assured performance
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation maximizes network throughput
  • Optimization tools to improve voice and video performance on mixed-mode networks
  • Control multi-protocol distributed networks from a central location
  • Monitor and control network performance on an end-to-end basis
  • Integrate with existing management infrastructure, systems, and applications



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