Broadband Wireless Performance for Transportation

In the transportation industry, wireless networks are being used to meet the mission-critical data management exchange needs for planes, trains, and trucks during the short time for off-loading and loading that they have. The number of planes, trains, and trucks, and the frequency of their trips and duration of stay, within the wireless service area, can vary dramatically and can create an significant scheduling complexity that requires full automation.

Proximetry and its partners are delivering mission-critical wireless solutions to meet the needs of today's transportation industry. From the vital public safety to the productivity and automation of the service, AirSync™ enables transportation organizations to provision and manage complex, mission-critical wireless networks via bandwidth optimization, resource selection and modification, and throughput efficiency in any transportation setting.  Because AirSync is able to dynamically manage performance by application, plane, train, truck, and service preference across one or multiple wireless networks, frequencies and protocols (i.e. 4G LTE, WiMAX, 3G, Wi-Fi, RF-mesh, and others), it ensures the right level of service to the right plane, train, and truck at the right time.

With its partner Thales, Proximetry has developed GateSync™, a solution specifically for the airline industry. Built on AirSync technology, GateSync is a high-performance wireless ground connectivity solution for aircraft, airport authorities and other aviation companies. GateSync supports the commercial airline industry's need to more efficiently update onboard information and entertainment data over heterogeneous networks each time an aircraft lands.

With GateSync airlines can wirelessly load and offload content and data while aircrafts are on the ground by dynamically adjusting network parameters and data delivery priorities. GateSync moves time-sensitive and mission-critical data such as the passenger manifest, in-flight entertainment (IFE) content, store inventories, surveys, crew logs and system performance data, giving airlines new efficiencies and capabilities.

GateSync, a patented solution, is just the beginning for the next-generation wireless networks serving the transportation industry.

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