Managing Wireless Broadband Network Performance

Network operators are deploying wireless broadband networks to serve consumer and commercial subscribers as well as municipal uses. In North America as well as developing countries around the world, wireless broadband infrastructure is the cost-effective or only feasible network infrastructure in many situations. With dense urban populations or sparse rural populations and a multitude of uses for these networks from voice to video to data and just as diverse groups of users, a one-size-fits-all wireless solution is not an option. As with AirSync's support of hybrid public safety, water, building, transportation and energy networks, for telecom operators, it can support deploying and managing these networks seamlessly.

AirSync assures service levels across multiple wireless broadband technologies, optimizes bandwidth allocations to various users and applications, and enables mission-critical communications. It also manages the growing variety of multimode Customer Premises Equipments and end-user terminals for a seamless user experience and end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS).

AirSync supports multi-network, multi-frequency and multi-protocol wireless networks from any vendor; dynamically configures network resources and allocates bandwidth to deliver the essential QoS required in today's complex wireless broadband networks.

Since these networks are continuously affected by environmental factors such as interference, performance of the network minute by minute can vary greatly. AirSync's dynamic network management and control over network services, applications, users, and devices makes the wireless network operate at maximum efficiency while ensuring the necessary throughput for mission critical communications.

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